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Gazebos – “Just Get High” Music Video

Voyage into the psychedelic unknown with Seattle band Gazebos in this fantastically trippy new music video from director DAISYHEROIN, “Just Get High.” Video from hardlyartrecords

The Bear Naked Chef: Episode 3 – Pappardelle Pasta with Bacon & Peas | Video

THE BEAR-NAKED CHEF Adrian De Berardinis is always a crowd pleaser and has just shared Episode 3 of his cooking series, “Pappardelle Pasta with Bacon & Peas.” “Adrian is back again cooking another delicious and simple delicacy, Pappardelle Pasta with Bacon and Peas, inspired by a dish from one of his favorite New York City Italian

Rocky Road to Coming Out as Gay to My Sikh Family and Community

“I was depressed and hated my parents. Now they and my local Sikh community love and supports me” by Manjinder Sidhu I was born into a traditional, conservative Sikh family, where neither of my parents spoke English very well. My home was troubled and violent. I discovered my sexuality at the age of 11 and


NSFW | Marshall Lafae aka Precious New “Lucky Green Chair” Model by M/E

Meet the newest model for my my Lucky Green Chair Series! Meet Marshall lafae aka Precious. “Escort, painter, tree doctor, gogo dancer, radical faerie. Southern by birth enculturated by the Bay Area.” Starting with the new shoots in 2016 I am asking models to bring in some items to spice up the shoots and add


Possibly the Sexiest Man I’ve Ever Seen, British Athlete, Matthew James Lister by Lee Faircloth

This may be the finest man I have ever laid my eyes on. I don’t like using words like “perfect” because I don’t think that it exists. But the only thing that comes into my mind strong is, PERFECTION!,  when I look at these shots taken by Lee Faircloth for Summer Diary Project. See more images


Ali Forney Center Fundraising to Purchase The Harlem Hate Church #HarlemNoHate

Support the #HarlemNoHate campaign reports: The Ali Forney Center (AFC), the nation’s largest and most comprehensive organization dedicated to homeless LGBT youth, announces that it is raising funds to attempt to purchase Atlah Church located at 36 W 123rd St, New York, NY 10027, which is being put up for auction due to unpaid bills

Trevor Project Benefit Art Auction & Party | Special Guest Andy Warhol Film Icon, Joe Dallesandro

  Andy Warhol Film Icon, Joe Dallesandro will be the guest of honor for this once in a lifetime art auction event . Each ticket at the door, also enters guests into a live raffle for autographed photos and memorabilia by  “Little Joe” Dallesandro.   Hosted bar.  Music. Film. Edibles and Performance Art . World


Cyndi Lauper Takes Country “Detour” in New Album

  Cyndi Lauper’s celebrated musical journey takes an unexpected southern turn on DETOUR, her 11th studio album, which finds the Grammy®, Emmy® and Tony®-winning singer-songwriter putting her signature spin on a dozen classic country songs. DETOUR showcases Lauper’s unmistakable voice on country classics from the ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘60s and features guest appearances from county music stars Vince

What is Community? What Makes a Community? #IWantToTalkAboutItDammit Vlog

New Vlog series #iwanttotalkaboutitdammit Each week I will present a topic or question for you guys to have a conversation about below. I will pick topics that may be uncomfortable or odd to bring up, but often thought about. Please leave your comments, give your ideas, and opinions in comments section under video on Youtube!

Show Some F*cking Respect to Old Gays | Video

Agreed. This is what I say all the time. It just takes a popular, young gay to make you listen. Video DaveyWaveyRaw

H&M Modern Essentials Selected by David Beckham Spring 2016 | Video

“Modern Essentials Selected By David Beckham has become a regular feature at H&M, season after season. Here’s a first look at the S/S 16 campaign film – and some inside info on what you can expect from the collection. “ I’m quite digging this vintage greaser look. Video from H&M    

Justin M.5

Handsome Model and Theatre Director Justin M by Art Pole Photography (NSFW)

Photography: ArtPolePhotography | Brooklyn, New York Model and theatre director Justin M | Instagram

Tyson Vick 3

Domenico Cianciotto by Tyson Vick for HUF Magazine

 Domenico Cianciotto photography by Tyson Vick for HUF Magazine.   Photographer: Tyson Vick Model: Domenico Cianciotto

Parlour Tricks – “Broken Hearts/Bones” Music Video | Hooking Up at Super Markets is Hot

“Broken Hearts/Bones” Written by Lily Cato Performed by PARLOUR TRICKS off their Bar/None Records debut BROKEN HEARTS/BONES on iTunes 


New Research on HIV’s Hiding Spots Gets Scientists One Step Closer to Cure reports good news: We know that the reason we cannot cure HIV is because it continues to reproduce in its hiding places, including the lymphoid tissues and lymph nodes. But new research shows that the reason for that may not be as mysterious as once thought. Published this week in the journal Nature, Dr. Steven Wolinsky

“transience” by Brit Fryer | Young Trans Filmmaker At Sundance Wants To Revolutionize Trans Storytelling

Above photo Instagram: @britfry trans·ience is an exploration of how to fit trans selfhood into the coming of age genre. It draws on theoretical concerns of genre conventions in the coming of age genre, binary logic, abjection. Done for the Senior Comprehensive Exercise in the Fall of 2014 “This Young Trans Filmmaker At Sundance Wants To

Troye Sivan On New Music, LGBT Acceptance & Adjusting To Fame with Larry King | Video

Australian singer Troye Sivan goes one-on-one with Larry, opening up about his coming out process and the future of LGBT acceptance. Troye also discusses what lies ahead for his budding music career & infamous YouTube channel. Some of King’s questions are dreadfully boring but I guess this is all the world can handle right now.

Mount Moriah – “Baby Blue” Official Music Video

It’s like if you took Dolly Parton and Aimee Mann’s voice and put them in a blender, you’d come up with Mount Moriah. From the album How to Dance, out February 26 on Merge Records. Directed by Jordan Michael Blake Produced by The American Standard Film Co. Video from Merge Records on Youtube

Slow Motion Colorful Skateboard Film | Video

Visual-gasm. Skateboarders did their tricks on boards covered in colorful powder. Watch the motion of the chalk flying through the air. Video from BeyondSlowMotion

This Boy Dances in Defiance of Those Who Call it “Girly” | Video

Keep being your wonderful self Sean! “Sean Varner long tried to hide his love of dance from his peers. But over time, he’s found a close group of friends who like him for who he is, and continues to use dance as a physical, emotional and creative outlet. Our Student Reporting Labs report as part

La Sera – “High Notes” Produced by Ryan Adams

New to me…. “High Notes” appears on La Sera’s 2016 album, Music For Listening To Music To, produced by Ryan Adams. Video directed by  Jason Lester. Purchase Music For Listening To Music To: Polyvinyl (CD, LP, Tape, MP3) – iTunes –


Seth Bogart Shares New Song – “Plastic!”

Seth Bogart’s new song, “Plastic!” , really starts out sounding a lot like the Cure. I can’t lie I’m a little confused by this track. Hunx And His Punx frontman Seth Bogart announced his debut solo record last year with the Kathleen Hanna-featuring “Eating Makeup, followed that up with “Forgotten Fantazy,” and continues his streak

“What Lies Beneath” | Photography Exhibition of Ballet Dancers by Rick Guest | London

Dance photographer Rick Guest has photographed these splendid ballet dancers in a new series called  “What Lies Beneath.” In this, his second exhibition of dancers to be held at the Hospital Club Gallery, world renowned dance photographer Rick Guest with long-time collaborator Olivia Pomp, explore the supreme spirit and ensuing physicality that underpins a dancer’s art. With this remarkable

SADAK Fall/Winter 2016

SADAK Fall/Winter 2016 “Borders” teamed up with HRH Prince Fahad bin Faisal Al Saud in a collaborative process of exchanging ideas about cultural background mixing it with social media. The most important message SADAK wants to communicate is: Pride in individuality The clothing is innovative and unique, while still incorporating distinctive elements from a variety of

Boris Bidjan Saberi 9

11 by Boris Bidjan Saberi FW16 Lookbook

Loves all of this.

‘My Mental Health is a Positive Part of Me’ Says Frontman of Years & Years, Olly Alexander

Amazing video and interview of a beautiful young man’s experience and journey with mental health issues. Speaking out and talking about mental health stomps out stigma. “Olly Alexander is the frontman of Years & Years and an actor with roles in films including The Riot Club. He told me about the treatment he has received,

Next US State to Ban ‘Gay Cure’ Therapy May Be Hawaii

  Gay Star News reports: Hawaii wants to be the next US state to ban ‘gay cure’ therapy for minors. Lawmakers have proposed a law that would protect LGBTI teens from the practice that the World Health Organization calls very dangerous to a person’s mental and physical health. The bill would make it illegal for

Panic! at the Disco Performs “Victorious” on Kimmel | Watch

Panic! at the Disco Performs “Victorious” on Jimmy Kimmel Live. That is all, enjoy. I love this band, they are always on point and sharp! Video from Jimmy Kimmel Live


Hair Ball of the Day | Rare White Giraffe Spotted In Tanzania and She’s Magnificent

 Oh wow, she is absolutely magnificent! Rare white giraffe has been spotted in Tanzania but I am fearful for her life because I’m informed that “adult giraffes are regularly poached for bush meat, and her colouration might make her a target.” This stunning giraffe has not been photoshopped, she’s real! Omo, the 15-month-old beauty whose skin looks as

“Sticky: A (Self) Love Story” | A Documentary About Masturbation #HairyPalms

  “Sticky” is everything your mother was too embarrassed to tell you about masturbation, in one stimulating documentary. Full of candid interviews from celebrated figures to everyday people, health care professionals, sex therapists, zoologists, anthropologists, and religious figures, this feature length doc answers age-old questions like: What is masturbation? Will it make me go blind?

“Gaycation” | Ellen Page & BFF Ian Daniel’s Travel Show Will Be Eye Opening for All | Watch Trailer

Damn it. This is basically my whole idea for my travel show. I am just lacking the money or fame to make it happen. Cries into palm of hands. This does look like it will be amazing though! “Ellen Page and her best friend, Ian Daniel, set off on a personal journey to explore LGBTQ

Things Gay Pornstars Are Tired Of Hearing | Video

Good to know. And if anything this is great promotion for these porn actors. I have no idea who Diego Sans is but I’m off to look him up because I want to see what his penis looks like. Video by and some of their men. Find the men from this video HERE

Dish on Today’s “it” Gay-lebrities Gus Kenworthy, Matt Wilkas, Simon Dunn, Bro App…. This Town Vodcast Ep 5

  Welcome to episode #5 of “This Town” Vodcast. No guest this week but we let opinions fly. We dish on today’s “it” gay-lebrities Gus Kenworthy and his bf Matt Wilkas, Simon Dunn, Max Emerson, what’s hot in the blogosphere this week, new Bro-App for dudes on the DL, Photographer Luke Austin, PWR BTTM, Aiden

Lanvin Fall/Winter 2016 collection at Paris Fashion Week

Lanvin shares its Fall/Winter 2016 collection during Paris Fashion Week.  

Thom Browne Fall/Winter 2016 Collection at Paris Fashion Week

Thom Browne shares his Fall/Winter 2016 collection during Paris Fashion Week.

Erick Osório Photographed by Samuel K.

  Photographer: Samuel K Models: Erick Osório at Oxx Agency and Guilherme Medeiros at Casa Agência H/T Twisted Male

Jon (3 of 5)

Fuzzy Beardy Fella Photographed by Duane Isaac

 Something to sink your teeth into. Photographer Duane Isaac has shared this set of photos with me of this handsome fella and how could I not share with you all. Model:  Jon M Photographer: Duane Isaac |

Watch New Order’s “Tutti Frutti” Video

‘Tutti Frutti’ is taken from New Order’s Music Complete, out now on Mute. Video directed by Tom Haines Get ‘Tutti Frutti’ EP here: Digital: Spotify:… Apple Music: Google Play:

The Chemical Brothers feat. Beck – “Wide Open” Music Video

The Chemical Brothers – Wide Open feat. Beck Director: Dom & Nic Producer: John Madsen Choreographer: Wayne McGregor Dancer: Sonoya Mizuno Taken from the new album ‘Born In The Echoes’ out now. Get it on iTunes | Official Store  | Google Play | Share/stream on Spotify  Dom&nic’s vision was to merge the mechanical and organic, having been inspired

Flying Lotus – “FUCKKKYOUUU” Short Film | Video

Creepy and fantastic. “With the ability to travel in time, a lonely girl finds love and comfort by connecting with her past self. Eventually faced with rejection she struggles with her identity and gender, and as time folds onto itself only one of them can remain.” Director: Eddie Alcazar Composer: Flying Lotus Producer: Javier Lovato