Real estate automation

  Whilst researching your search engine optimisation and online marketing techniques for your real estate website you may come across the terms “White Hat” and “Black Hat” SEO. What do they mean and what happens if you employ both strategies? Let’s start by defining them both in simple English. White Hat SEO – means following […]

Giving thanks with sanghoki turkey!

  With Turkey Day last year being such a success, we decided to expand on that this year and made the whole month of November a celebration of Thanksgiving. It kicked off with half price sanghoki for the first week of the month for everyone to warm up and get their game in order. Then with […]

Back to slothoki B&M;

  Living in Lousiana has given me an opportunity to experience the best of poker: real, live poker rooms. Sure, online poker can be fun and profitable, but it can’t match the thrill of throwing chips on the felt in a casino. A few weeks ago, I told you about my trip to the Grand slothoki Casino […]

Financial Pros & Cons of Van Leasing for Your finance Business

Congratulations, you’ve started a successful business that is really taking off! The speed at which your business is growing is amazing. Right now, you’re looking to keep that energy going by investing in your company further. Going back and forth about getting a van for your employees and your Brassica finance business has been on your […]

What is the Best Sunscreen?

  You want the best sunscreen… but with dozens of options, how do you choose? There are basically two types of sunscreen … Chemical sunscreens contain chemicals that absorb the rays of the sun. Mineral sunscreens rely on natural minerals, zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, to form a physical barrier between the sun’s rays and […]

Purity and Doctrine”

Which is greater, moral purity or doctrinal truth? Some say “purity” in life is more important, while others say “truth” in doctrine is the more excellent way. Why do we have to make a choice? Does the word of God encourage us to choose one above the other? One may be right on every point […]

Blackjack Side Bets: Insurance

Togel Online

Lately I have been writing about a variety of blackjack side bets. Though the side bets come in a number of variations, none have better odds than the regular game. Since the house edge of the side bets is higher, you stand to lose more money playing them. That means that as enticing as those […]

DIE ANTWOORD’s New Video “Baby’s on Fire” is Hot – Hot – Hot

DIE ANTWOORD are so brilliantly twisted! Their new video posted here for their song “Baby’s on Fire” is all kinds of wrong and  that’s what makes is so right. Hot, hot and hot! Is Baby really dirty dancing with a car that is doing doughnuts around her? Hell yeah. It’s seems like baby is growing up […]