Another exciting month has come to an end for the Ongame Leaderboard, as May ended less than a week ago. We’re coming close to the summer, as June signals warmer weather, more sun, and everything that comes along with it. Before we take a look at who’s heating up so far in June, it’s time to take a look at the winner of May! Here’s where we were a week ago, on May 29th.

  1. finnrene 17114
  2. -Rex Cramer- 17056
  3. gnogno91 16307
  4. donkualot 13122
  5. iilimato12 11830
  6. sannicolao 11673
  7. raymond12345 10999
  8. timal xx 10767
  9. kitakami 10205
  10. rhumagricole 10156

Finnrene once again had the lead, but -Rex Cramer- was hot on his heels, as usual. Could finnrene hold -Rex Cramer- for another bitcoin roulette week, or would we once again have the same Ongame Leaderboard champion, for the third month in a row?

  1. finnrene 17757
  2. -Rex Cramer- 17689
  3. gnogno91 17618
  4. donkualot 13978
  5. raymond12345 13333
  6. sannicolao 12547
  7. iilimato12 12154
  8. rhumagricole 11044
  9. timal xx 10890
  10. kitakami 10350

One word comes to mind when you take a look at finnrene’s performance from March through May: Dominance. It’s been complete and utter dominance ever since FTR Blogs started covering the Ongame Leaderboard, and finnrene has shown no signs of slowing down. This isn’t to take anything away from -Rex Cramer-, however, as he was just 68 points behind finnrene when May ended, coming painfully close to overtaking the lead. Overall, their play reflected the entire top ten, as this is the most consistent the players in the top ten have been the entire month. All the players, from finnrene at 1st, to kitakami in 10th should be commended for their great month, as all 10 players who were in the top ten last week, are still in it this week, which is a first since FTR Blogs started covering the Ongame Leaderboard.

May has come and gone, and it’s time now for June! If you’d like to take a closer look at today (June 5th) and do your own research, please feel free to head over to

  1. pokerwille 4272
  2. EVG 1969 3757
  3. tonkiista 3369
  4. TheBrain001 3310
  5. emeric51 3289
  6. zarsuela 3186
  7. _Sandm4n_3132
  8. Chanchan44 3131
  9. domiN06 3087
  10. -Rex Cramer- 2925

Talk about a complete change of pace from last month. While last month was consistency, this month is just chaos. While it wouldn’t be uncommon for one, two, or even three players to in and out of the top ten from week to week, it is certainly uncommon for that to occur with nine players. The former top five are nowhere to be seen, outside of -Rex Cramer-, who is coming in at a below average tenth this week. Raymond12345 has fallen to 39th, donkualot is down to 32nd, gnogno91 is all the way down to 56th, and the former champion, finnrene, has dropped down all the way to 48th! This is obviously quite the surprise, as his reign over the Ongame Leaderboard was a strong one, knocking all competitors away. -Rex Cramer- is the only truly notable name left in the top ten, as most of the new top ten haven’t been here, or have only been here briefly. DomiN06 and EVG 1969 have been here before, but have not had the best of results. Pokerwillie is our new number one, holding a solid lead over EVG 1969 in second. Only time will tell whether any of these new players are for real, or if variance is just in their court right now.

That is all for this week, as June has started off in a shocking manner. Be sure to come back next week and see if it turns around for the former top ten players, or if their slide continues, proving that perhaps these new players are for real.