As many of you know, my last sbo tournament experience ended when my flopped set of 5’s lost to the eventual champions flopped set of 8’s.

I had worked my stack up early to close to 4000T and I was among the top 20. But something happened. I started playing marginal hands and catching 2nd, 3rd and 4th best hands herobola login. That’s a recipe for disaster.

I decided to tighten up and wait for the right opportunity to double up. It’s my natural style after all. It was Presto… Speed Limit… whatever you’d like to call pocket 5’s. I limped from early position and 5 of us saw a flop of J-8-5 rainbow.

I said to myself, “I hope someone caught something so I can double up.” I lead out and get raised by Gamecock. I put in a significan re-raise and he moves me all in. I call, happily. He flips 88 (set vs. set, grumble, grumble, grumble). I’m out in 74032nd place, or whatever.

Should I have played this hand differently? You can’t be unhappy about getting all your money in the pot with a set, right?

So I’ve taken a few days to think about it, and I’ve had an epiphany. There is a way to play this hand. Here now is my indispensible advice for playing bottom set…


And if you don’t fold, plan to lose all your money.

See, I’ve got this game figured out!

Yep, I’m an Asshole

Inevitably, when you take on a task that affects others, you’re bound to upset somebody. I’ve done it. I’ll try to address the WPBT Aladdin Casino Classic RSVP issues one at a time.

  1. But I RSVP’d??? Where am I???

I tracked everyone who RSVP’d either by sending me an email (the proper way, as requested) or by leaving just a comment (the slacker method, but allowed nonetheless). I compiled the complete list with each individuals time of response (either the timestamp of the email or the timestamp of the comment). That is where the player’s list and waiting list came from.

  1. How come I’m just on the waiting list???

The original announcement of the tournament was made on February 23rd here on this blog. That included this line, “I’m still working on getting a maximum number of entrants, so get your RSVP’s to me immediately.” A subsequent announement was made on March 5th on the WPBT official web site. By that time, I had already received close to 60 RSVP’s, meaning many of the responses were bound for the waiting list already. If you waited, I’m sorry.

But they’re not even a blogger!!!!!

Okay, I probably don’t have a good answer for this. Little Willie is a member of Up For Poker by proxy. He’s Otis’ little brother. He was the third person to respond and I told him he’d have a spot. The other non-blogger is Matt. He’s been a regular in comments and at the WPBT events. He’s the only reader who’s regularly pestered me, and I’ve decided to let him in. Okay? So sue me…

But I’ve never heard of these blogs!?!?!?

Well, at this point, no matter who I let in, there will be some blogs that many of us don’t read regularly. Does that make them any less valuable to the community? And no, there’s not a blog about Islam… I punched in the wrong blog address. As far as I can tell, all the bloggers included have an active blog (some more than others) and they write about poker (some more than others). Am I supposed to use a stricter criteria?

Okay, fine, you suck…

Bottom line, if someone can’t bear to be in Vegas for 4 days without playing in this one tournament then you’re coming for the wrong reason. I’ve already had some pretty stand up bloggers tell me if it comes to that, they’d give up their seat. I would to. It shouldn’t be about this one event.

And bottom line, I told people there would be a waiting list on February 23rd and some people waited weeks to respond!!!!! What was I supposed to do??

Okay, just blowing off some steam. Back to regular programming…