Street Photography marches onward, a medium that just never runs out of steam. Reflecting the everyday as well as influencing it, a chance for the photographer to break free from the four walls of the studio, making the world and its interesting characters the point of focus for their lens.

‘Everybody Street‘ delves deeper into the subject, a documentary following the work of prominent New York street photographers including Bruce Davidson, Elliott Erwitt, Jill Freedman, Joel Meyerowitz, Rebecca Lepkoff, Mary Ellen Mark, Clayton Patterson, Ricky Powell, Jamel Shabazz, Boogie and many others who have dedicated their lives to capturing the unique spirit of their beloved city. The Film is directed by Cheryl Dunn, a renowned photographer who has been documenting the streets of NYC for over two decades. Inspired by one of the pioneers of the form at the turn of the century, ”Alfred Stieglitz was a huge proponent of the idea that ‘Photography is art’… so I wanted to make a film about street photographers that followed him and were compelled to go to the streets and document the theatre of New York” ‘Everybody Street’ is due to premiere at the Hot Docs International Film Festival in Canada. Press play below for the trailer.

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