With Turkey Day last year being such a success, we decided to expand on that this year and made the whole month of November a celebration of Thanksgiving.

It kicked off with half price sanghoki for the first week of the month for everyone to warm up and get their game in order. Then with the start of week 2 came the jackpot and the traditional leaderboard. As everyone jostled for positions throughout the month the jackpot steadily grew. As it stands at just over $32,250!

With just days left to claim their spots in the top 100 there are plenty of players on or near the bubble that could sneak into the Qualifying final SitnGo’s. Crowning the top of the leaderboard are a lot of the usual suspects. Well out in front is Mada1970, who is backing up his second place finish in last years Turkey Day Leaderboard. Also in the mix are DONK4LIFE who had a great run during Floptober, enzolito who won his way to the WPT Barcelona event, thefrenchies who earlier in the year won the Sunday $20,000 Guaranteed, and FrederickHendrick who took down the NL Short Handed Championship in our Summer Champs.

If your near the bottom of the leaderboard top 100, now is the time to secure your place in the qualifying final round. Make sure you’re well ahead of those just outside the top 100, I can see a few of them sneaking into the top 100 before the final places are set.

The Aussie Millions Grand Final has crowned a champion!

After a lengthy period of Satellites, buy-ins and all-out poker action, 115 players sat down on the 24th of November to compete in the Aussie Millions Grand Final tournament, with the prize for the winner being a $15,000 live tournament package to the Aussie Millions Championship in Melbourne, Australia.

Three players remained after four hours of play, and the tournament was to be over within 30 minutes. Despite clearly having the skills to make it all the way, both unclefestor and puppyfoot eventually fell to Bartyuk’s uncanny ability of picking up pocket pairs.

First to go was unclefestor, who pushed all in pre-flop with AQ, very strong hole cards in any situation. However, Bartyuk was holding pocket Kings the whole time and making the call couldn’t have been easier. The flop brought two Tens, giving Bartyuk an incredibly strong hand and a desperate situation for his opponent. The turn and river failed to bring any strong cards for unclefestor, and he was eliminated in third place.

Less than ten minutes later, Bartyuk faced another easy call with pocket Jacks when puppyfoot went all in pre-flop holding K3d. A huge flop came down, with two Aces on the board. puppyfoot needed a King or runner-runner flush draw to take the win, but luckily for Bartyuk neither showed up and he emerged as the Aussie Millions Grand Final Champion, outplaying 114 entrants to take the top prize!

For winning the Aussie Millions Grand Final, Bartyuk has picked up the $15,000 tournament package, which means we’ll be flying him all the way from the United Kingdom to participate in the Crown Casino Aussie Millions tournament in Melbourne. CarbonPoker representatives will be accompanying our winner to Australia, where we will all take in the sights and sounds of the biggest poker tournament in the Southern Hemisphere.

We fell just short of picking up enough entrants to send two players to the Aussie Millions, but the Satellites are still running for our many large buy-in events, so the more players involved, the more chances of scoring a live tournament entry! Stay tuned over the coming months for all our live tournament coverage and Satellite opportunities.