Ha! Made you look. Categorized under something we missed. There is a whole lot of money maker shaking going on here. The Former Fat Boys blog reports:

A couple of years ago we set out to make the male answer to Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl. We filmed a music video and put it out. It didn’t do very well. We decided to remix the beat and put it on our new album. We filmed some additional scenes for the remix music video. Then a certain LMFAO video came out. Then a Jenna Marbles video of very similar nature. And well, we’re hoping you still like you some dicks because….

The first single from our new album The Legend of Hard Corey is out now and it’s a manthem of egregious proportions. If you like marginally unattractive guys wearing barely any clothes and shaking their wieners, then this is the song for you. Please, share this video on your Facebook and Twitter accounts repeatedly so that you’re sure that every last one of your friends sees the glory and joy in the video.

To get the MP3 on your DroidPodZunePhone and shake yo dick on the go, in public, and wherever dicks are shaked, we recommend that you go to these sites and download it and the entire new album The Legend of Hard Corey