How to win at blackjack is a difficult question to answer, as it is more a question of how much. This same question applies to other casino games, either online or in a land casino, when a player begins to realize that he will very rarely win a fortune on a day’s play, but that he does have a chance of winning

consistently playing online blackjack.

The unknown truth is that casinos like to see players win money, and that applies both to online as well as land casinos. Why do you think bells ring and sirens sound when a player hits a major jackpot at slots in a land casino? And there is no less of a fuss when a player hits a major jackpot online, especially a progressive one. This is great publicity for the casino and draws a lot of new players to try their luck.

What casinos don’t like so much are players who win consistently and quietly. And there are plenty who succeed in doing so, especially in an online mode, and while playing blackjack.

When a player sits down to play blackjack at an online casino, they are playing against a computer program and not the random and situs poker online uncontrollable mess that he usually has to contend with by playing in a land casino. Playing against a computer means that a fairly comprehensive set of statistics covering each hand can be built up and studied. A player with a basic understanding of statistics and who is prepared to study his game play history might be capable of recognizing a pattern in the play and learn from it. Even if while playing as a guest player until he gets it right, the time spent will mean a great investment and he should be able to assemble a game plan that can be very effective in long term play.

The basis of the game plan should consist of the following:

Never draw on cards valued at between twelve to sixteen, no matter what the dealer is holding.

Never double when the dealer is holding a nine, ten or ace.

Never split cards when the dealer has a nine or ten.

Always split nines when the dealer is holding cards valued at between three and seven.

Using these rules, as well as applying common sense, controlling your play and being content with winning an average of 10% on your investment, are the basic building blocks you can use on how to win at blackjack in the long term.