Living in Lousiana has given me an opportunity to experience the best of poker: real, live poker rooms. Sure, online poker can be fun and profitable, but it can’t match the thrill of throwing chips on the felt in a casino.

A few weeks ago, I told you about my trip to the Grand slothoki Casino in Coushatta. This time, I’m headed to the Paragon Casino Resort in Marksville, LA.

And this time, there’s a little something extra in it for me. Next Tuesday and Wednesday are “media celebration” days at the casino. That means I’m staying for free, eating for free and drinking for free. From 9am-12pm on Wednesday, there’s “free play at Golf-Slot-Table Games.” I’m not sure what exactly that means… but it’s gotta be good.

The only trade off is a one hour “media conference” on Tuesday afternoon. I think I can handle that. The rest of the time, you’ll likely find me in the 11 table poker room. I’ve spent very little money on anything since I moved here (still no cable or internet at home), so I’ve got a nifty little bankroll to take with me.

Wish me luck! I’ll have a full report when I get back!

Bonus Whore Wars

I’ve pillaged. I’ve plundered. I’ve raked the first prize in the last two World Poker Blogger Tourneys (in my defense, I didn’t play in the first one).

It’s time I gave something back.

Introducing, The Up For Poker Bonus Whore Wars.

This idea actually began with a sympathy offering to fellow poker blogger, Grubby. I felt so bad for him when he busted out on the bubble of a tourney that would have sent him to mothergrubbin’ SPAIN. That’s a rough place to bubble.

I told him he could pick any poker site where I’m not currently a member and direct me to sign up under his bonus code. Free money!

It’s been a few days and he hasn’t responded. So, the offer now goes out to all Up For Poker readers.

I have $300 from the last WPBT tourney burning a hole in my Neteller account. The winner of the first Bonus Whore War contest will pick the site where I desposit and, thus, reap the bonus.


An entry will consist of a short-short essay (no more than 100 words) on why I should choose you as my Bonus Whore.

2) All entries should be e-mailed to me by Saturday, May 29th at 11:59pm (you can find a e-mail link on my non-poker site Rapid Eye Reality at the bottom of any post. Just click on the words “send me a reality check.”)

3) All entries must include your bonus code and the site where you’d like me to deposit.

4) As I am already a member at Ultimate Bet, Empire, Pacific Poker, Planet Poker, and True Poker, those sites will not be accepted as entries. What’s more, I’d prefer no Party skins, simply because of the silly bonus code mess that’s invovled with having multiple accounts on party skins. So, you say, “that leaves very few sites, Otis.” You’re right. So, find me a new place to play poker, or find me a way to rake more bonuses from sites where I already play.

5) All entries become property of Up For Poker and stand a good chance of being reprinted in part on Up For Poker at a later date.

Good luck, my little bonus whores. I’ll be waiting.