togel hongkong Strategy: Splitting Aces

Splitting pairs is an important part of togel hongkong basic strategy. Many beginners will learn when to hit and when to stand, but don’t memorize the strategy for splitting pairs or doubling. By excluding those beneficial moves, though, you increase the house edge to 10%. Playing with proper basic strategy, including when to split and […]

Purity and Doctrine”

Which is greater, moral purity or doctrinal truth? Some say “purity” in life is more important, while others say “truth” in doctrine is the more excellent way. Why do we have to make a choice? Does the word of God encourage us to choose one above the other? One may be right on every point […]

On-game Poker-Room Leaderboards — June 5th

  Another exciting month has come to an end for the Ongame Leaderboard, as May ended less than a week ago. We’re coming close to the summer, as June signals warmer weather, more sun, and everything that comes along with it. Before we take a look at who’s heating up so far in June, it’s […]

Blackjack Side Bets: Insurance

Togel Online

Lately I have been writing about a variety of blackjack side bets. Though the side bets come in a number of variations, none have better odds than the regular game. Since the house edge of the side bets is higher, you stand to lose more money playing them. That means that as enticing as those […]

Blackjack Strategy: Dealer 3 Card


This is the second part in the series on basic strategy that covers what to do based on the dealer’s up card. In this post, we’re looking at when the dealer shows a 3. If the dealer shows a 3, basic strategy says that he likely has a stiff hand (12-16) due to the likelihood […]

Online Blackjack for Money

Welcome to, the internet’s best resource for tips and tricks to winning at online casinos when playing blackjack for money on the web. By using the information on our site you can drastically improve your skills as a blackjack player by learning the tactics and methods used by the professionals to consistently improve your […]

The Experience Of Playing Blackjack Online

play-blackjack-onlineIf you ask someone what their favorite game is when they go visit a casino there is a great chance they say Blackjack. The game is quite simple to play although if your new there is a great chance you’re not familiar with how to play the game right. Don’t worry if you’re in a […]

Blackjack Tips

How to win at blackjack is a difficult question to answer, as it is more a question of how much. This same question applies to other casino games, either online or in a land casino, when a player begins to realize that he will very rarely win a fortune on a day’s play, but that […]

How we taught the world to lose – the truth about fruit machines


With its absurdly low payout odds and hassle-free upkeep, no gambling machine pickspockets like the fruitmachine. And no country does them like Britain – with 261,000 machines feeding hungrily off the recession, we are also one of the world’s biggest manufacturers and exporters. Phil Robinson reports on the small army of pure mathematicians, psychologists and […]