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Zach Wahls, Our Little Boo-Bear-Cutie-Pa-Tootie, Son of Two Moms Supports President Obama: Video

Our little Zach Wahls, our little Boo-bear-cutie-pa-tootie, son of TWO moms supports President Obama.

In 2011, the Iowa House had a public call on a constitutional amendment to reverse the Iowa Supreme Court decision that had legalized marriage equality. Zach Wahls gave a passionate testimony and defense of his family that was seen by millions.

Zach, a sixth generation Iowan and raised by two women, shares why marriage equality is important to him and why he supports President Obama.

As Zach shares:
“It’s something that I really respect about this President, he has said that he will stand with you no matter who you are and no matter where you come from.”

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