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Yunus Chkirate | Le Triad | Canadian Artist Produces Biggest Most Diverse Exhibition In His Own Gallery Space


Not content to simply go about things in the traditional way, Yunus Chkirate once again surpasses all expectations while bypassing the gallery system to open his own one man show in a gorgeous downtown local to call his own. Le Triad Gallery will launch on October 6 and be operational through November 6 showcasing his latest collection of paintings featuring larger than life triptychs based on his friendships. Inspired by the number three, a spiritual, mystical number steeped in ancient symbols; Le Triad is an exhibition, an exploration and an expansion for the celebrated and sought after artist.

A new addition to the style that this maverick artist is so well known for is a series of specially created photographs with acrylic paint. The third surprise is the creation and direction of an art film that will be presented during the duration of the exhibition. Now we see the artist taking complete creative control from the artistic direction, to the photography, the filming and the final execution of all creative concepts. ” Le Triad is my life. My friendships, my observations, my perspectives. I’m taking this opportunity to not only show all this, but to create an environment that reflects how personal this series is. ” added Yunus.

The end result for his sixth solo exhibition is the most extensive show he has ever produced. Le Triad will feature 15 paintings, 12 mixed media works available in three versions and one film. This incredible collection of works of art is simply bursting with colour and emotion while hinting at the magic that is yet to come.

Artist Businessman and community activist

When he is not creating and exploring new techniques and ideas, Yunus Chkirate is paying special attention to the numerous other key business aspects involved with successfully marketing art. Promotion, public relations, administration and strategic planning are but some of the many tasks that need to be addressed on a rotating basis. Since his début one man sell out show in 2011 Yunus Chkirate made it a point to support a cause he holds dear to his heart; HIV AIDS. Each exhibition and special event he has produced had a charitable component. Its no wonder that his work was recently rewarded with the appointment to the Board of Directors of Maison Plein Coeur of Montreal, helping persons and their families touched by the virus in Quebec. As the youngest person on the Board, Yunus has already begun plans to incorporate his artistic talents into the already rich programs offered at Maison Plein Coeur. As a special touch for the night of the opening, Nadia Positano, Executive Area Manager of Arbonne International will offer makeup touch ups to guests and also donate all proceeds from product sales to Maison Plein Coeur.

Le Triad would not have been possible without the generous support of the following partners: London’s Calling, Kant Photo, Bob Hendriks, Club La Cité, Patrick Toupin S&C Assurances Inc, Daniel Fortin RE/MAX du Cartier inc., Montauk Sofa, Centre de Copie Commerciale and Champêtr’ Urbain.


Exhibition Launch:

Admission: Galerie Triad: Exhibition Dates: Visiting Hours:

October 6, 2014, 6:00PM

With DJ/Producer Ron Hammelin

Performance by Tristan Ginger

Doors will be closed during the performance between 7:15- 7:30pm

5$ donation for Maison Plein Coeur 3475 Saint Laurent Boulevard, Montreal October 7-November 6, 2014
11:00am to 8:00pm daily

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Triptych_Study_of_a_Friendship_10-11-12 Portrait of a Mixed Triad 1_2_3_

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