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‘You Belong To The City’: Sam Devries Photographs Model Andrew Coslow In NYC

This man wears clothes supremely well. Our fashion connection,  Stefano Guerrini, from, brings us this masculine spread and says,” Model turned photographer, Sam Devries sent me this shot he has taken exclusively for my blog. I really like dandy newcomer model Andrew Coslow at MAS MODELS and I’m very happy to share these pictures with you. Below Sam tells us everything about his step from model to artist and about this shoot!”


“I have always adored fashion, art and photography. Having spent most of my life growing up in Israel but visiting NYC, Berlin and London on occasion I was exposed to so many inspiring visual stimulation. About 4 years ago I moved to Pittsburgh, PA for work and contacted several photographers and artists. I was fortunate enough to pose for people such as Walter Kurtz, Rick Day, Tom Bianchi, NYC’s iconic Robert Richards and Stanley Stellar, Richard Gerst, David Vance, Thomas Synnamon and many more and be in their books and compilations. As a model I felt fulfilled, I had always aspired to set myself and other people’s minds free and use art as a statement about the male body and move people to think openly through my artistic projects as a model. But while I felt fulfilled enough as a model, the artist in me wanted to work more and so I moved to Brooklyn, NY and immediately started shooting guys and drawing. I would draw in the Leslie Lohman Art Foundation (, who hold a male drawing workshop which is very important if you want to practice lines and composition, but then as a photographer I started noticing that I really want to shoot the sophisticate fashionable contemporary look of the city and the current fashion stimulation that surrounds me non stop. I am very inspired by today’s male fashion scene in the blogs, the magazines and the city of NY. I adore the fusion between classic and new, dandy and contemporary and the city provides an excellent background for this kind of creation. Photography wise I am inspired by commercial work seen in GQ and other male magazines. I am also a huge fan of Anne Leibowitz and Herb Ritts as well as Bruce Webber, Avedon and other 20th century photographers. I have been working with several modeling agencies here in the past 2 years and where I want to end up is shooting commercial work for both men and women that will bring my passion for beauty, body and fashion to the public. The model you see here, Andrew, is signed with MSA models ( He’s a new face but as soon as I saw his polaroid my breath was taken. Not only is he beautiful, he’s also a real dandy. As soon as he showed up and pulled all kinds of pins, cufflinks, suits and tie bars I knew this was going to be a magical shoot. So we just ran around in Soho, shooting away and changing outfits, but I think he’s got a great look and a great future as a fashion model.”



Il modello, ora artista e fotografo, Sam Devries mi ha mandato questo servizio fotografico che ha scattato in esclusiva per lepilloledistefano. Mi piace molto il modello dandy e newcomer Andrew Coslow dell’agenzia MSA models protagonista degli scatti e sono molto contento di condividere queste foto con voi. Nella seconda pagina Sam ci racconta in prima persona il salto da modello a fotografo, questa sua avventura dall’altra parte della macchina fotografica, input ispirativi e sogni, e ci parla di questi scatti realizzati per noi!

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