WTF Video of the Day: Vaginal Knitting: Woman Stuffs Yarn in Her Hoo-Hoo and Knits With It: Watch


Not a fan.

“Art takes many forms, from detailed oil painting to a vagina carved out of soap. But just a warning for the squeamish or the easily offended, this is a period piece and it has some strong themes and ideas that some people may find confronting.”

Produced by Miles Bence.

Video by SBS2 Australia



  1. Compare this to Keith Boadwee’s 1995 performance art series “Purple Squirt”. They’re quite interesting spiritual companion works in execution and concept; Boadwee’s as the male and Jenkins’s as the female.

  2. I wanted to see it unwinding out of her cooter.She could just have it lying between her legs for all we know.Damn youtube.