World, Meet Out Singer Derek Bishop and His Time-Capsule of Pop Stylings

Derek Bishop‘s music is a time-capsule of pop stylings, evoking sounds and memories from 50s doo-wop to 80s synth pop — while still sounding fresh and contemporary. His off-beat, often dark lyrics are paired with piano-driven melodies and sprinkled with quirky electronics and horns, creating a dynamic and colorful soundscape, all while getting your toes tapping and your ears delighting to his instantly-catchy tunes.

Derek’s debut full-length debut CD, Resistance is Beautiful, melds vintage keyboards, the occasional big band, marching band, Broadway orchestra pit, a suitcase-full of percussion, and of course a rock band into a rich tapestry that eclipses the description of a ‘singer/songwriter’s piano album’, though it’s that too. The record’s 12 songs draw from the past six decades of music for inspiration, calling to mind The Beach Boys’ airy harmonies, Fleetwood Mac’s musical anger management, Phil Spector’s wall of wonders, and the Muppet Show — as if hosted by Fiona Apple.

The lyrics speak to hating friend’s boyfriends, wanting to win every argument, secretly sabotaging relationships, as well as lighter topics like finding courage to get off your couch and try something new. The latter’s spirit is captured all over the album: it sounds joyfully recorded and resonates with a lively spontaneity and soul from start to finish.

The album Resistance is Beautiful is available on iTunes,, and Fans can follow him on multiple social media sites such as FacebookTwitter and YouTube.

One of the TOP 100 CDs of 2011! – BLowUpRadio

Unabashedly joyous… so jam-packed of sound and wonder. – HIGHER PLAIN MUSIC

Derek Bishop is a star of pop! – THE PAINTED MAN

It combusts. You hold the record in your hand and it burst into flames. – WYRD101

“Resistance Is Beautiful” is a knockout! – THE BOTTOM LINE

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