Will Sheridan #GIANT II: Journey Album Kickstarter Campaign


From the Kickstarter Page:

Will Sheridan’s second LP GIANT II: Journey will be a full length album accompanied by Visuals, a Tour and an online merchandise store

Photography by Tinker Coalescing
Photography by Tinker Coalescing

About this project

The #GIANT Journey Kickstarter campaign is designed to fund Will Sheridan’s second album: GIANT II: Journey

This Funding enables me to produce, write and record tracks for my next full length LP. In addition to funding the music, this campaign allows me to support the album with videosand proper packaging.

My debut album G.I.A.N.T boast 18 songs and 5 official videos. My goal with this album is to studio record music and pick the best 10-12 tracks that complete my vision of the album. From those records, We will designate the singles that will be accompanied by visuals


Once the album is complete, the funding will allow me to produce a limited amount of hard copies in addition to the digitial distribution, iTunes, Spotify, and/or soundcloud. Videos will be released via Youtube and/or Vevo with corresponding events to celebrate and promote the Music.

In addition to funding the cost of producing, mixing, mastering, engineering, packaging and distributing the music, this campaign also is creating a self sustaining system for #GIANT music funding by creating #GIANT Merchandise.

Find out more and help Kickstart This project here KICKSTART

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