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Why Everyone Wants Benjamin Dukhan: VMagazine Spain Interview

In this interview by VMagazine Spain, they ask, Why does everyone want Dukhan? I can give you a 100 reasons off the tip of my tongue: beard, intrigue, originality, sex appeal, charm etc. I personally don’t like having to share Benjamin with the rest of the world! VMagazine finds out in this interview that Benjamin does not want to choose to be called a model or a singer, he wants it all without the label.

In recent months it seems that Paris is burningagain. Continuous fluctuations in the fashion houses, holiday in style and a series of agitators who everyone wants to get in the photo are the ingredients that make this long-awaitedcomeback of the city. One of these new French icon is Benjamin Dukhan. At just 32 years singing, dancing, acting, makes performances and works as a model. Precisely fashion, rose whose catwalk for the first time with its lush beard and imposing physique in 2010, provoking the hand of Jean Paul Gaultier always has been the one that has taken the first shot to fame. After a stint in the Off-Cybele, where it paraded for Daniel Rabaneda (nephew of Paco Rabanne) Madrid only question is: why everyone wants to Dukhan?

Do you consider yourself a model?

Not really, rather a multidisciplinary uncle. Dance, sing, act with my dance company and also make a model. I am very happy not being one, but then I see that people need to identify with a single activity, which is a little sad …


How you got the opportunity to work with Jean Paul Gaultier?

It happened two years ago, when I was 30 years, in a street casting. After I became a model for Gaultier. As there was not a modeling agency, I began to submit my own photos to the designers, this is how I started. Mainly working with Jean Paul.

What role do you find most comfortable? Singer? Dancer? Do you model?

I feel good every time I’m on stage. It’s a different feeling when you sing, dance or are you on the catwalk. I wish there was more dancing on the catwalk and fashion in the theater … That’s why I started my own project away from the institutionalized.


When did you decide to start singing? Why?

I started with Burger Girl (the name of my band) last year for fun. It was kind of a joke, the lyrics and that Burger Girl character. Then I started to work with images in the video he had prepared for another performance. Now we have five songs and video we prepared with a great team, he used to work alone. Working with fifteen people has been a revolution for me.

Think you could be so versatile outside France? Where?

Anywhere you ask me to act or go out to the runway. I’m curious and I love traveling.


Do you think you’ve started a revolution among the male models?

No, have long beards that you see on the catwalk and, moreover, is an aesthetic that is coming to an end, as I said my fucking agency.

Do you have a reference point in your life?

Not really.

Could you live somewhere that is not Paris?

New York!

How do you remember your experience in Madrid catwalk for Rabaneda?

It was great. I had a great time discovering the world of Spanish fashion, people are very crazy but very nice. I have the feeling that Daniel is very intelligent in his work, is going for a very good way to take risks and do things their way.I was also surprised he was so young.

When you met and why you decided to work with him?

He found me. He said he had seen me in the parades of Gaultier and Manish Arora, and contacted me through Facebook. I was very surprised that I would like to have me for their show. Quickly I looked at Google to work and thought I really needed so I said yes. And I did well because I met a great city and a people hilarious.


How do you feel to share the last name so famous dietitian?

My name is Dukhan, not Dukan is a big difference!


Would you like to try their luck in some other field of art?

In the movies, of course.

Do you have any fashion advice like the supermodels of the 90? Does drinking lots of water and sleep eight hours?

No, not really, and if you say everything is based on love, what will you think of me? I used to practice yoga every day but now I find it very boring.

What do you do when you first get up?

Skip to the coffee machine!

And the last thing before bed?

Kiss my man.

Team Credits: 
Photography assistant Felipe Hernandez 
Makeup and Hair @ Kasteel + Javier Ceferino agent 

Images from top-down:

Image 1 / Bejnamin Dukhan with:
Moji Moji-collar to JCDC.

Image 2 / Benjamin Dukhan:
Victor Von Schwarz total look.

Image 3 / Benjamin Dukhan with:
Moji Moji-Cap Paris.

Picture 4 / Benjamin Dukhan with: 
Elbow-Moji Moji Paris. 
Legins Roberto Piqueras. 
Roberto Piqueras platforms for Reebok Classic.

Picture 5 / Benjamin Dukhan with:
With Roberto Piqueras touched.

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