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Which Star’s Torso Does Kathy Griffin Use On Her Grindr Profile?

In her latest special on Bravo, Kathy Griffin revealed her obsession with the popular gay social networking app Grindr.

Holy shit Kathy, you have your finger right on the gay pulse. You tell it how it is for the gays, where most gays hide secrets in the shadows. I want a Kathy Griffin chip planted into my body that makes all my decisions for me and spews truth when needed.

“I know I’m a little late to this party, but if straight women could figure this out, it would be so great,” Griffin gushes. “They tell you exactly where available gays are for whatever you f**king want…why didn’t we think of this, girls?”

The outspoken comedian and LGBT rights advocate is so fascinated by the app, she says she’s created a fake profile using a shirtless snapshot of one popular boy band member as her image. Find out who it is!


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