We Love “Eroticat” by Bas Kosters for His “Crack Mac Loves Eroticat” Exhibit | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Check out Bas Kosters‘ new temporary gallery store called ‘Lil’ Bas Kosters Studio’. Sunday, November 26th, Bas Kosters will showcase a new series of drawings under the title ‘Crack Mac Loves Eroticat’ during his elegant vernissage. What better way to see his store, and see Bas’ new works from up close!

Lil’ Bas Kosters Studio
Lil’ Amsterdam
Amsterdam Central Station

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Bas Kosters is a Dutch fashion designer, known for his colourful designs and the use of prints. In 2003 he graduated from the Fashion Institute in Arnhem with the collection ‘Two Teacups and a Frying Pan’, with this collection he also won the Robijn Fashion Award. In 2005 he established the Bas Kosters Studio in Amsterdam. In 2009 he won the Dutch Fashion Incubator Award and in 2010 he won the Dutch Fashion International Incubator Award.

I also notice that Bas and I share the same birthday, June 5, so that makes us part of the special people’s club.

Bas Kosters believes in history and continuity. His work comments on fashion and the fashion industry. Hurrying to present a new collection every half-year doesn’t fit in that picture. The most important thing is that visualizations and the body of thought keep coming back, and function as a focal point for the spectator. That’s why he believes strongly in building an oeuvre. For Bas Kosters Studio a collection is something that you build up, rather like a collection in a museum. Bas’ work envolves throughout the creative process, his earlier work leading, seemingly inevitably, to his newest creations. This assures that Bas’ work stays relevant as a whole, rather than becoming a series of isolated creations.

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