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Watch Where The Bears Are – Season 3: Episode 6 & 7 | “Country Bear Jamboree” & “Bedroom Bears”

Episode 6 | “Country Bear Jamboree”

The Bears don cowboy hats to blend in with the crowd at a country western bar in the valley where the Chunk models hang out in order to find out who may have had a motive to off Cody Summers. Meanwhile, Wood works to win back Austin’s trust, Reggie clashes with rival news reporter Ronnie Bishop and Todd is threatened by Buzz’s obvious attraction to Nelson. Wood: Joe Dietl. Reggie: Rick Copp. Nelson: Ben Zook. Todd: Ian Parks. Detective Winters: Chad Sanders. Detective Martinez: George Unda. Austin Walker: Chuck Saculla. Buzz: Geoffrey Kennedy. Ronnie Bishop: Karamo Brown. Alfie Cooper: Sam Pancake. Oscar Butterfield: Drew Droege. Nate Hager: Mark Anello. Bar Owner: Cory Knobel.

Episode 7 |  “Bedroom Bears”

Detectives Winters and Martinez are feeling intense pressure from their boss to solve the Chunk model serial murder case and fast before the Bears so they pull out all the stops in order to tag team Wood (Joe Dietl) and distract him so they can search the Bears’ house for clues that may have turned up in their own investigation. Detective Winters: Chad Sanders. Detective Martinez: George Unda. Nelson: Ben Zook. Reggie: Rick Copp. Todd: Ian Parks. Oscar Butterfield: Drew Droege.



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