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Watch Uncle Meg’s Video For “Winning It Or Losing It”

Huffington Post premiered the video for Uncle Meg‘s “Winning It Or Losing It” last week. The track is the first single off the upcoming album, Can’t Stay Say The Same, which comes out on December 1. Along with the premiere is also a moving essay by Max Skaff (AKA, Uncle Meg) about what it was like going through a female to male transition while making an album.

“I still to this day listen to this album whenever I am scared and need to be brave. Time after time it continues to give me confidence to move forward and be loud and proud no matter what. I listened to these songs right before my surgery, I listened to them whenever I had to get blood work done, I listened to them whenever I had anxiety on the subway train. And for some reason it always calms me down immediately because I relate it to the real me and associate it with an experience of personal rejuvenation.”

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