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Watch Phil Stanley’s “Project Vanity” Music Video for a Good Time

“… am I too sexy for my time?…”

Check out the premier of Phil Stanley’s twisted video, Project Vanity, off his upcoming album Everything Causes Cancer in California. His voice is unique and stands out from the crowd of the oversaturated music industry.

Shot in Nashville’s famed Southern Ground Studios and on location in the Music City, Project Vanity, investigates the hyper-vanity and desperation running rampant in a generation drowning in opinion and glued to a screen; where lives are to be viewed, not lived.

Flirting with genres ranging from indie rock to psych, Stanley writes with a Hunter S. Thompson fueled sentiment, injecting the style of Gonzo-journalism into the confines of a song. His second album, due out August 25th, is aptly titled Everything Causes Cancer in California. Setting the stage for a 3-part body of work describing a cast of character he dubs ‘The Decadents;’ the video and subsequent album are a spray-painted, sonic mural of love, loss, and acceptance in a generation he didn’t ask to be in.

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