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Interview with Scruffy Aussie Bear Puppets Roger & Bryce: Puppy Piles, “Woof,” and “Brag” Bear Drag (Videos)

We are infatuated with all things down under. There is a magnetic energy pulling our focus to Australia and all of its LGBTQ News. We get visions of surf, surfers and blonde fuzzy body part glistening in the hard heat. “Australia is the driest inhabited continent on earth” but I am feeling wet. Landing in our laps as of lately, are two “scruppets” (scruffy puppets), Australian Scruffy Bears named Roger & Bryce. They are new to the scene and can be safely branded fresh meat on the gay market. Their intentions are to hold a mirror up to the LGBT community.

Accidental Bear Mike Enders and Co-host Tim sits down via the internet with the “fresh meat”, Australian Scruffy Bear Puppets Roger & Bryce for a meet and greet. No subjects are taboo and verbal filters turned off .

Part One:


Part Two:



Roger & Bryce :




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