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Watch Interview with 73 Yr Old Gay Punk Rock Country Singer, Patrick Haggerty of Lavender Country

When I think of punk rock, two things come to mind, the “look” or the punk mentality. I much prefer the punk mentality always over the kids these days with their one stop shop Hot Topic punk looks. The forward thinking, let’s change the planet, DO SOMETHING and lets start a revolution is pleasing for me to hear. Becoming known for his song, “Cryin’ These Cocksucking Tears,” being kicked out of the Peace Corps for being gay, and be self-aware enough to know that what he was doing in 1973 would for sure fail and still plowing forward with your message of gay liberation, is fucking punk rock. That describes 73 year old country singer, Patrick Haggerty of Lavender Country to the core. After a 45 year break,  Lavender Country, is back, reissued its self titled album originally released in 1973, and soaring to heights that Patrick Haggerty never could have imagined.

I met up with Patrick in the park here in San Francisco, to chat about the past, present, and future. He tells me that, with things moving as fast as they are right now for him and the band, he really can only focus on what is right in front of him, and has open arms and ears to everything coming his way. He’s not worried or concerned with fame at this point in this life,  but he does feels obligated to share his life experiences on race gender, and sexuality, like no one else can.

We covered a lot of juicy ground in our talk and I couldn’t for the life of me feel justified to cut out any of our chat, I literally was holding onto every word that came out of his mouth. So below you will find the full length chat and a shorter clip video if you have the attention of a millennial playing with a spinner and have adapted to watching 6 second Vine videos. We cover: 1973, being kicked out of Peace Corps, Miley Cyrus and Kenny Rogers, buckets of sex, race, playing rowdy punk shows, gender, future music and projects, and so much more! Not to sound morbid, but these day there are fewer and fewer living legends who have fought with blood sweat and tears for gay liberation who are still alive. It was truly an honor to have had this time, with my new friend, Patrick Haggerty.


Clip version of interview below. I really do suggested taking the time and watching the full version above, it’s a gem.

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Lavender Country our touring the country. Don not miss your chance to see them live!

Photo cred: Matthew Wilson (on IG: @matchupee)