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Watch Gus Kenworthy ‘Rescuing’ Stray Dogs with Steve O in New Series Called “Ultimate Expedition”

You go Gus! Proud to have you on my team. First off, Gus and Steve O together in one video is so unlikely it genius. There are a handful of other Youtubers involved in this new series “Ultimate Expedition,” the only one I recognize is Furious Pete.

Ultimate Expedition is YouTube Red’s newest adventure competition series, bringing together eight celebrities with no previous climbing experience to summit Mount Tocllaraju in Peru. Each cast member embarks on a journey bigger than themselves and a mountain – they face unimaginable obstacles, challenge themselves beyond their limit and undergo major personal transformations.

Watch Ultimate Expedition Episode 1 below #UltimateExpeditionShow

The series takes eight celebrities without previous climbing experience through the challenge of summiting Mount Tocllaraju in Peru. Additionally, the cast each has a personal challenge they are hoping to overcome – from chasing dreams, redefining themselves, to those seeking a spiritual awakening. Cast members include: Olympian Gus Kenworthy, UFC champion Chuck Liddell, comedian Steve-O (“MTV’s Jackass”), and YouTube stars Chachi Gonzales, JusReign, Lia “SSSniperwolf” Shelesh, Nikki Baker, and Furious Pete. The show is hosted by Jukka Hilden.