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Watch Episode 3 of The Three Bears – “Proper Porridge Contest”

I have to say that I love these episodes of, The Three Bears, more than I want to admit. They are all the ‘feel goods’ I need to make me feel all warm and fuzzy. This project from Rowse Honey could have easily gone so wrong and been a big bag of ‘cheese.’ Instead they have put together the perfect combination of sweet and salty, covered in eye candy. Beyond the visuals, I have actually learned a few cooking tips from each episode thus far. And from an advertising point of view, they win, I want to try Rowse Honey.

Too hot… too cold… just fabulous! Find out which of The Three Bears makes the best Rowse Honey and porridge recipe. Subscribe to our channel to follow their adventures, and find out more at www.rowsehoney.co.uk/threebears Three Bears. Only One Winner. Who will be crowned the breakfast champion? Watch the Great British Bear-Off for exciting Rowse honey and porridge recipe ideas and inspiration for your next breakfast. When it comes to delicious, high energy breakfast, the Bears know best. 



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