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Watch Ep 2 of The Three Bears “Awesome Energy Porridge”

After sharing Rowse Honey‘s Adorable New Cooking Series Featuring Three Adorable Scruffy Bears, and it going viral, this morning we wake up with the treat of episode 2, “Awesome Energy Porridge.” Genius marketing. How do I sign up to be bear #4.

A busy day calls for a natural high-energy breakfast. Try The Three Bears Awesome Energy Porridge for a natural boost. Subscribe to our channel to follow their adventures, and find out more at www.rowsehoney.co.uk/threebears Eat like a Bear, feel like a beast! Start the day right with a nourishing bowl of porridge and Rowse honey packed full of slow-release energy. Delicious caramelised bananas, potassium rich nuts, creamy porridge and sweet Rowse honey to top it all off. When it comes to delicious, high energy breakfast, the Bears know best. For a range of healthy, mouthwatering honey and porridge recipe ideas and inspiration, follow Rowse Honey on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. — Rowse Honey

Video from Rowse Honey

Find out when the next episodes are coming out and all information at  www.rowsehoney.co.uk

‘Papa Bear” is the glue that holds everything together.


All the sass and eye candy one needs to get your through the day.


I have never heard a more pleasing, yeah I’ll with that, then that of Joels. That’s him below. He could read me the dictionary and I’m buying whatever he’s selling.