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Watch Blake McIver’s Moving “This Is Who We Are” Official Music Video


We have a long way to go as a community, but it’s also great to stop and absorb the great length we come so far.

Blake McIver states on his Youtube Page:

“This past April, I found myself overwhelmingly moved by the pro-marriage equality arguments in the Supreme Court. So moved in fact, that I couldn’t really put it into words. Instead, I decided to put it into music and lyrics.

For so many years I thought that a wedding and marriage were not something I would ever have the right to enjoy. As I sat down to write the song, I thought a lot about my late grandfather Lt. Col. Norman Earl McIver. He was a proud Vet, a prouder Texan, and a man who always encouraged me to think for myself and to be exactly who I am. He passed away before I had the opportunity to come out to him. I’m not saying it would’ve been a particularly easy conversation, but his unconditional love of me was never a question in my mind. In honor of his inspirational force in my life, this anthem for marriage equality is inspired by the storytelling of his favorite genre: country music. So, YES! A country(ish) song!

As we celebrate the massive victory of the Supreme Court ruling, let us not forget our brothers and sisters who are still facing daily discrimination for being exactly who they are. I hope this song and video can inspire, encourage and be a celebration for all equality-minded people. Writing the song and filming the video were both profoundly moving experiences for me and I hope you enjoy! Love is love, and love wins – every time.”

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