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Watch Big Dipper, Banjee Report, Will Sheridan, Dai Burger, TT the Artist, Erase Errata, CHRISTEENE Perform at Stargayzer Music Festival

Check out these live performances from the Stargayzer Music Festival 2015 in Austin Texas on oct 15- 17, 2015. The 3 night festival was power packed with high energy performances from CHRISTEENE, Erase Errata, Banjee Report, Big Dipper, Will Sheridan, Double Duchess, Rap Girl, Dai Burger and TT the Artist. There were other artist I didn’t get a chance to capture, because well, there is only one of me! Find full list HERE


“The Stargayzer Festival is an annual 3-day celebration of LGBTQIA music and performance, held in Austin, Texas on October 13-16, 2016. For 4 days and 4 nights, Austin will be host to a vibrant, all inclusive festival community focused on showcasing LGBTQIA musicians and performers. Stargayzer will deliver the finest LGBTQIA musicians, dj’s, mc’s, drag performers, visual artists, comedians and performance artists from around the globe.”

Videos were filmed and edited by Mike Enders of Accidental Bear. Mike donated all of his travel time and days of editing to cover the festival so if you want to support Mike and his work, think about throwing down a tip on his Patreon Page: and help him expand and improve!

It was wonderful to see community from all over the world coming together for the love of music.

Watch video in HD for best quality!

Banjee Report | Facebook | Soundcloud


Big Dipper | Facebook |


Will Sheridan | Facebook | Soundcloud


Rap Girl | Facebook

Dai Burger | Facebook |

TT The Artist | Facebook |


See all 6 videos of CHRISTEENE’s performance here: CHRISTEENE Shredded the Stage at Stargayzer Music Festival |”Fix My Dick” , “African Mayonnais”, & More | Videos


Erase Errata’s last ever Austin performance, second to last performance ever!


See live performances by Popper Burns, Feral Future, and Big Bill here:

Popper Burns, Feral Future, & Big Bill Live at Stargayzer Music Festival Austin TX | Videos

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