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Watch: Bath Tub Interview with London Model Christopher Camplin

We have found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, model / Web Developer Christopher Camplin from London.  Each and every time we come across Chris’ images on the internet we pump our breaks and as they say on Tumblr, reblog reblog reblog!

We cashed in on all of our good luck chips and as luck has it, Chris is bopping around our home town of San Francisco this week and made some time for us. We put  Accidental Bear owner/ founder Mike Enders to the test with this one to see if he could keep his cool with this dream boat in the bath tub. With our powers of persuasions (and bribes, threats and whatever it took) Christopher Camplin agreed to hop in the tub and answer a few questions.

“Chris’ accent made my toes curl!” said Mike.

Watch video where we chat about how Chris landed in the modeling world, London Bears, surfing and much more shenanigans.

photo by Lee Roberts
photo by Lee Roberts


photo by Alex Klesta | HORST no. 1

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