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Watch: 5 Exercises with Trainer Johnny Pearman to Get You Street Fair Ready: Video

Johnny Pearman’s secret weapon

Over the years I have observed within the gay community all sorts of rituals based around street fairs, parades and parties. Basically, annual events that have the potential for you being shirtless or nude in public. I have heard or been part of conversations involving men’s workout routines prior to street fairs, parades and parties. And let me say some of them can be extreme.

It seems common for guys to work out like mad men, eat close to nothing and most likely dance like a teenager girl in his bedroom mirror prepping for the dance floor or in the case of street fairs, the street.

We thought it would be fun to make helpful video for all those men who have totally procrastinated, fell off the work out wagon and now come to the realization that they might not be there ‘best’ this coming San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair now just two weeks away, Sept 23, 2012.

We went to our fitness go to guy, celebrity personal trainer Johnny Pearman and asked if he would give us 5 exercises that would give men the fastest results in the shortest amount of time. Here is what we cam up with.

Be sure to check out all of Johnny’s video on Youtube, they are excellent and inspiring!

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