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Warmduscher – “Big Wilma” Music Video

Welcome to Whale City. 2018.
The second album from Warmduscher. Survival of the fittest.
Let Warmduscher be your guide. Clams Baker: the man with the golden tongue. Fast-talking, no nonsense networker. The ‘legitimate’ front to the great rock ‘n’ roll swindle. No time for fact checking. No need for building regulations. Heading straight to the top. Consequence be damned. Lightnin’ Jack Everett is his man on point. The rhythm. The brains. The brawn. Let’s make lots of money. The Saulcano, Mr Salt Fingers Lovecraft and The Witherer operate in the shadows. The cogs. The machine. The bootleggers.
There is power in repetition.
Longtime Warmduscher biographer Dr Alan Goldfarb describes Whale City as “a rock opera so vast in magnitude that – were in not for my being strapped naked to a chair in a garage – could send a man hurtling towards the outer perimeters of uncharted space.” It’s difficult to argue with. The characters that inhabit Whale City are, as the title suggests, larger than most aquatic life forms. A cast of millions. Pretty Lilly, Whale Jimmy, Uncle Sleepover, Ice Cream Keith, Disco Minny. The people you walk by late at night with bottles in their hands and money in their pockets. The woman with bright red lipstick and straight razor smiles. Thrill seekers to a person. Powerful. Intoxicated. Intoxicating.
In the words of Clams Baker, Whale City is “a playground for the people that have stepped above and beyond their comfort zone”. What are you waiting for?


Warmduscher is:
Clams Baker (Mutado Pintado/Paranoid London)
Lightnin’ Jack Everett (Fat White Family)
The Saulcano (Insecure Men, Fat White Family)
Mr Salt Fingers Lovecraft (Childhood, Insecure Men)
The Witherer aka Little Whiskers (Paranoid London)

Tour dates:

Tue 6 March Eagle Inn Manchester, UK
Fri 30 March  Lock Tavern Festival London, UK
Fri 20 April Motel Mozaique Rotterdam, Netherlands
Fri 18 May The Great Escape Brighton, UK
Sat 26 May London Calling Festival Amsterdam, Netherlands
Thu 31 May Bad Bonn Kilbi Düdingen, Switzerland
Fri 1 June This Is Not A Lovesong Festival Nîmes, France
Sun 3 June Hug & Pint Glasgow, UK
Mon 4 June Hyde Park Book Club Leeds, UK
Tue 5 June Gullivers  Manchester, UK
Wed 6 June Picture House Social  Sheffield, UK
Thu 7 June The Exchange Bristol, UK
Fri 8 June Moth Club London, UK
Sat 9 June Hope & Ruin Brighton, UK
Sun 17 June Maifeld Derby Mannheim, Germany