Walter Van Beirendonck Spring 2021

“Walter Van Beirendonck worked with his former student, Tokyo-based Eli Effenberger to make this excellent collection presentation video and portfolio. Pre-Zooming, he said: “I was inspired by what the couturiers did after the war, the “Théâtre de la Mode.”… So we made the collection in miniature and dressed them on gold dolls, with makeup and everything…and really that was the only way I could do it at the moment. Because we are still making our final garments, which will be in the digital showroom next week.” Vogue

After he mentioned that the collection is entitled Mirror, references shamanistic practice, and contains panels of mirrored fabric, I wondered if Walter had made an all-mirrored look. “No, because I created 22 looks and they’re all very wearable,” he said. “I didn’t want to do something difficult to put on.” Read more at