Video | Printemps Holiday Windows by Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld in my humble opinion, comes from another world, perhaps Uranus (not mine). His rock star vibe and legend status in the fashion world makes people stop and listen. Sometime when listening, I must admit, I stop listening and just look at him. In this interview he gives a kick ass attitude and claims to be only concerned with the final project and forgets about the process along the way, for these outlandish holiday window displays.

Cool Hunting sits down with Karl Lagerfeld on his new holiday window for Printemps. Line of the interview: “My head is like Google. I have everything in my mind.”

Cool Hunting jumped on the chance to interview Karl Lagerfeld about his designs for their holiday windows. During their brief time with the cultural icon they talked about holidays, process and his abundance of creative resources. Just in time for the holiday season, Cool Hunting presents their latest video featuring the man who doesn’t care about holidays.


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