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Video Premiere: Eddie Gessford Shares “Fight All Night” About Unhealthy Exceptions

 As a self-proclaimed “queerdo”, Gessford is a fusion of dark aesthetics, sultry r&b vocals and ear catching melodies. His first video release from his debut EP, Queerjazz, is no exception. In this video for “Fight All Night,” track 3 on the EP, Gessford explores the dualities of love and pain, lust and confusion, fighting and fucking, and how they both have their place in every romantic relationship. “Sometimes that special someone you’re fighting with is that same person you want to f*** the most. I find myself making unhealthy exceptions and keeping people close to me even though its clear they are not right for my energy anymore. This song is about those unhealthy exceptions.”
“Fight All Night” is smooth and haunting.
Eddie Gessford’s EP is available for streaming/purchase on Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes.


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