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VIDEO: “BROMOSEXUALS” by Andrew Christian


Not my description of ‘Bromosexuals’ below, so don’t kill the messenger.

MODELS: Designer Andrew Christian, Noah Wright, Jon Varak, Murray Swanby, Jeffrey Hawkins, Caesar Pacheco, Cheddy Oakafor, Collin Gorham, Johna Myers


Ryan Nolan, Rea Letre’, Misty Violet, Jason Wimberly, And Chris Boucher

“A guy who is bromosexual is “totally straight.” In fact he will punch you in the face if you say that he’s gay. He’s so totally straight that he has sex with tons of chicks…so he says.  Sure his bro might be in the room with him, maybe videotaping it (with lots of close-ups of the penis)… or doing the same girl at the same time… with their penises touching…”

“So what if he’s always slapping his broham’s ass… and always hangs out in the showers at the gym… and yeah, maybe he was in a few circle jerks in middle school… and sure he puts his penis and testicles on his friends’ faces every chance he gets when they’re passed out drunk… and sure that frat initiation thing was a bit weird, but… he is “totally 100% not gay”. “Andrew Christian 


Written and Directed by: Jeff White


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