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(Video) Accidental Bear Talks Yoga in the Park With Zach Spire from BearYogaSF

Accidental Bear Mike Enders meets up with Zach Spire from BearYogaSF in Dolores Park San Francisco. We chat about yoga, life and what BearYogaSF is all about. Much fun was had. Zach has a unique approach to yoga and what a session is all about: pretension, projection, judgment and attitude left at the door. As with other classes you may have attended, where there is intimidation of silence and no communication with others. Snazzy outfits not needed, instead come prepared with good intentions. Zach encourages a space where you come together as community and bond with one another. Below is a statement by Zach. And be sure to check out our extras video of pure laughter and fun!


The next BearYogaSF class is coming up on 11.12.2011 Be sure to contact Zach for the details.

A while back I had a thought. There are a lot of yoga studios near me and I’ve been to bunches, but don’t see many folks like me around. I also felt like yoga was a lot of individuals who show up, do their own thing, and leave. There’s rarely community, get to know you, mingle, let’s have brunch after kind of classes…

This led me to wonder, what if a little guy like me could bring yoga to my community in a way no one seemed to be trying yet?

This Group Project, because it’s an all-for-one one-is-all kind of deal, is the culmination of a little guy, a big dream, a lot of Love from friends and family, and a genuine belief that yoga, and community, can come together to create a safe, supportive, inclusive community for ALL. We can have yoga as PLAY as MINDFULNESS as SPIRITUALITY and really work together to Practice! Zach

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