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VENFIELD8 Shares New Controversial Image – “Meat The Press, Terror Report, 2017”

Photographer VENFIELD8 is no stranger to us. We’ve been following and sharing his work for years. I even landed an interview in my bath tub with him (SEE HERE) years ago. What excites me about VENFIELD8 is that he is not afraid to push buttons and hold a mirror up to the ugly of society, and yet does it beautifully. His newest piece is no exception, Meat The Press, Terror Report, 2017. Check it out below.

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“Terror Report, 2017 is the latest in Venfield8’s controversial Meat The Press Series. The series, that imagines some of the world’s most popular magazines with nude men on the cover has been remarkable for the always evident genitalia as a matter of fact element in Venfield8’s world. This cover, for the U.S. State Department’s, Counterterrorism and Countering Violent Extremism Annual Report, is an exception, but perhaps provides something all together more shocking. A turban-less Indian Sheik, topless with his hair blowing from a fan in a 70’s Scavullo-esque Cosmo beauty shot, it draws attention to the plight of the pacifist Indian sect that has been routinely mistaken for terrorists, with many fatal attacks on them, both here and abroad. In the pseudo glamorization of a state terror report, Venfield8, again, upends society’s prejudices and shines a light on Trump era misguided knee- jerk fears and ignorance, with his ever increasingly politically minded work. Of course the man is drop dead beautiful – this is Venfield 8 after all, but the sheer absurdist conceit that the State Department would somehow try to glam up it’s perfunctory reports is both brilliant and disturbing. Venfield8 strikes again with this conceptual and unexpected piece.”

-Terry Eastman, Musee Magazine online


Below is another recent piece by Venfield8: Meat The Press, British Vogue, 2017

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