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VENFIELD 8 Pays Homage to Bruce Weber’s Iconic “Bear Pond” in Handsome New Photography Book “Bear Hill”


In early 2013 controversial artist VENFIELD 8 approached  David Laflamme with the intent of creating some iconic and lasting images. Venfield 8’s reputation of re-interpretation and unique visionary creation gave birth to a new idea of a classic. An homage to the iconic Bear Pond, by Bruce Weber ensued, only this time, featuring stunning young “bears” as models.

We are teased and titillated by this preview of the new handsome-artful photography book by the one and only, mysterious artist VENFIELD 8. We challenge him to a one on one interview. Since his true identity is top-secret, we will allow him to cover himself, preferably with a jeweled mask. What do you say VENFIELD 8 ? We were sent the stunning image below of David Laflamme as an exclusive, for Accidental Bear reader’s eyes only.



Sixty nine duo toned black and white prints featuring David Laflamme and friends on Bear Hill, frolicking and relaxing nude in studies both beautiful and serene.


This collectible book is limited to 500 copies and features all images never before published.





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