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Vendor Refuses to Print LGBT EQUALITY T-Shirts For High School Club

In this moment of LAME:

Blue Springs South senior Bailee Webb (foreground) who is gay, has the full support of her mom, Monique Scritchfield (background).

 A private vendor in Kansas is refusing to print a T-shirts for a local high school’s Gay Student Alliance (GSA) because of his personal opposition to same-sex marriage, the Kansas City Star reports. “Marriage is ordained between a man and a woman,” the owner, Rod Lindemann wrote. “I am a man who walks my faith. God calls me to love all, but he doesn’t call me to be comfortable with things that I don’t see as God-pleasing… I won’t sell out for a dollar.” The shirt’s proposed slogan reads, “Why is it that as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands?” (ThinkProgress)

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