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UK-Based Arts Charity Dedicated to Spreading Laughter and Smiles to Those in Need | The Flying Seagulls

Who/what are The Flying Seagulls?

We run workshops, create music events, visit hospitals, orphanages, street centres, residential care units, and centres for disability.

We aim to train! For staff in poorer areas, resources both financial, equipment, and support can be difficult to find. We aim to give full training to staff working with arts for disability and then to provide them with all the equipment and materials they’ll need to continue.

We also run theatre and creative sessions in school, in an attempt to fill the void in the national education system. Again we provide ematerials the school may need to continue these activities after we leave. theflyingseagullproject.com



Flying Seagulls Philosophy  —

“We believe that it is everyone, man, woman or child’s right to put aside the cares of life and smile for a while. We work with widely varying groups in several countries to help bring smiles and happiness to people, whether as Clown Doctors for children undergoing difficult medical treatments or through arts, music and crafts workshops.”


The Flying Seagulls Flying Seagullsare almost 100% volunteers, and it’s only the generous commitment of those involved that makes it what it is today. The volunteer programme is one of exciting opportunities, big challenges, and great rewards. From performing at UK festivals to running street shows in Gypsy communities, to visiting poor children in hospitals, there is always something to give and to learn.



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