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Tub Interview with Xavier Moustache of Dirty Queer Mag | Defining Queer Culture, Power of Transitioning, Queer Travel and Much More!


In my newest tub interview I am joined by the amazing Xavier Moustache from Australia’s Dirty Queer Magazine. I caught Xavier in San Francisco, on his visit to the US, to spread the word and gospel of his magazine.

Dirty Queer Magazine is:

“Dirty Queer Magazine is a cleanly designed, print-only magazine, independently published in Sydney, Australia since September 2010. ” With an Australian perspective on local and international queer community, photography, arts and culture, we focus on in-depth features and photo essays. We present established and emerging talent with diverse genders, sexes, ages, ethnicities and body types. “

“The magazine is collectible, building a body of work around queer culture, arts and community.”

Discussed: New York Art Book Fair, queer culture, defining what ‘queer’ means to us, tattoos, queer places to visit in Sidney, and much more.

After the tub talk, it is clear that Dirty Queer Magazine and Accidental Bear have quite similar intentions behind what we do. Yay, for our new friends down-under.



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