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Transgender Photographer Amos Mac Reintroduces the Zine: Original Plumbing and Translady Fanzine

Amos Mac is a transgender photographer who produces two zines, Original Plumbing and Translady Fanzine, filled with images intended to get you thinking.

Photos give us an eye into the past; Amos Mac is this eye for some. He’s turned a passion for portraits into two different publications geared toward the transgender community.

Mac, born in Augusta, Ga., moved to Philadelphia with his single mother at 8-years-old. It was just Mac and his mom, he says. With three, older half-sisters who did not live at home, the age difference was so severe that it was like growing up as an only child. And being an “only” child allowed Mac to explore his creative side. His mother took him to art museums and was always taking photos.

“I would look through those all the time as a child,” Mac said, “and wonder what it was like when the photo was taken.” ( MORE




"Untitled" from Translady Fanzine with Zackary Drucker


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