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“Taxi Zum Klo” – Tribute to an Obscure German Art Film from 1981 by Sexy Duo known as Microfilm


A track written as a tribute to the obscure German art film from 1981; a paen to all-night clubbing, finding love and pleasure.

A track recorded during the sessions for Microfilm’s third studio album ‘AggroPastels’.

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This track will not appear on the new album but is a preview of the sounds we’ve been experimenting with.Description


Microfilm is a marriage of minimal techno, synth-pop nostalgia and cinematic samples…Microfilm was birthed in early 2006 in Chicago when the duo of Matthew Mercer and Matt Keppel aimed to create a perfect blend of streetwise electronics and pure pop. Within their first six months of existence, Microfilm had appeared on BBC’s premier Radio 1 network, remixed Ladytron, and written and recorded their debut album. Released on double CD in 2007, After Dark and its companion remix album Blueprints set the stage with a mix of stripped-down electrohouse and hook-laden pop songs.After a Pitchfork-featured single, a cover of Sufjan Stevens’ “Chicago,” the duo went straight into songwriting mode to create something more sophisticated, layered, and epic for their follow-up album. The praise (and sales) for their second album, 2008’s The Slingshot Orchestra, took off. The pair relocated to Portland, Oregon, and looked ahead to the battle plan for their next few releases.Microfilm greeted 2009 with a chip-tune inspired collection (the International Velvet EP) and an acid house and freestyle-touched release (the Blips Don’t Lie EP), the first to feature guest artists, including collaborations with Scissor Sisters’ Del Marquis and Black Box Recorder vocalist Sarah Nixey.

With a fresh double album compilation of their 2006-2010 years (the singles/b-sides collection I Am Curious and its companion piece, I Am Rewired, a remix collection) unleashed to the world in the summer of 2010, Microfilm have started the march towards their next studio album. Be prepared to reassess the band from a whole different angle. Again.

released 19 April 2013
Written and Produced by Matthew Mercer and Matt Keppel

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