Tom of Finland Store Official Launch

cultureEDIT is proud to announce the launch of TOMOFFINLANDSTORE.COM, the official online store for all things TOM, offering products and collections developed in collaboration between Tom of Finland Foundation and leading brands in fashion, art, design and publishing.

As one of the world’s most influential artists, Tom of Finland (Touko Laaksonen, Finnish, 1920-1991) is the creator of the most iconic and readily recognizable gay post-war imagery. Beginning in the 1940s, he robbed straight homophobic culture of its most virile and masculine archetypes (bikers, hoodlums, lumberjacks, cops, cowboys, and sailors) and recast them – through deft skill and fantastic imagination- unapologetic, self-aware, and boastfully proud. TOM’s positive message of respect, tolerance and sexual freedom – expressed through a body of work produced over six decades, has turned him into a hero and symbol for human rights.

By engaging in a wide array of commercial collaborations, Tom of Finland Foundation has further embedded TOM’s body of work into popular culture, and made it available to all audiences, in the hopes that everyone can find a way to incorporate TOM’s art into their lives.

“If someone can’t afford a $30,000 drawing, they can maybe afford a $20 cock ring. It is just as valid that they have Tom in their life in their own way. We think of them all as collectors”

TOMOFFINLANDSTORE.COM ships worldwide and will debut with 400 items across categories that include apparel, XXX toys, art editions, paper goods, home textiles, luxury rugs, vintage ephemera and  specialized products.

Highlights include the full range of home textiles by Finnish heritage brand FINLAYSON, limited edition luxury rugs by HENZEL STUDIO, TOM OF FINLAND PLEASURE TOOLS (including dildos hand sculpted after Tom’s finest), athletic apparel by RUFSKIN, and a vast range of paper goods and books published by PUTINKI, TASCHEN, RIZZOLI and BRUNO GMUENDER.

A “WE LIKE” section features products by other artist contemporaries such as ASSUME VIVID ASTRO FOCUS, BRUCE LABRUCE and JACK PIERSON.

Exclusive Tom of Finland products, as well as ones developed in direct collaboration with other artists, will be released on a regular basis.

“Our commercial collaborations include unique collections that defy conventional norms. They all embody Tom’s magic in unique ways, spreading his message of freedom, respect and sexual pride”

– Joakim Andreasson, Founder of cultureEDIT and Director of Licensing for Tom of Finland Foundation

Part of the proceeds of TOMOFFINLANDSTORE.COM will directly  support Tom of Finland Foundation’s non-profit activities and mission of promoting and preserving Tom’s work and the erotic arts worldwide. In a climate where there is little financial backbone to support non profit organizations with sexually charged and homoerotic material, the Foundation heavily relies on its commercial partnerships to keep its doors open.


In 1984, the nonprofit Tom of Finland Foundation was established by Durk Dehner and Touko Laaksonen in order to preserve his vast catalog of work. Several years later the scope was widened to offer a safe haven for all art in response to rampart discrimination against work that portrayed sexual behavior or generated a sexual response. Today the Foundation continues promoting and preserving Tom’s work along with other erotic art; supports and encourages emerging erotic artists through bi-annual competitions; provides a community for artists and patrons of the erotic arts; and advocates on behalf of universal human rights and sexual freedom. TOM HOUSE, the home the Foundation and where the artist spent the last decade of his life, was declared a historic landmark by the city of Los Angeles in December 2016.

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