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Thomas Dufetel Photographed by Truculent Photographie

Thomas Dufetel


Let’s go for a walk and…

Model: Thomas Dufetel

Photographer: Truculent Photographie

“From Sur Montpellier, France; we have the introducing of Bruno Martinez aka Truculent Photographie a french photographer who kindly shared this portraiture with French model  Thomas Dufetel. Natural, effortless, standing in the natural and beautiful background this is the recall and good example that we don’t need anything more, than a beautiful face and a good lens.”


Thomas Dufetel2 Thomas Dufetel3 Thomas Dufetel4 Thomas Dufetel5 Thomas Dufetel6 Thomas Dufetel7 Thomas Dufetel8 Thomas Dufetel9 Thomas Dufetel10 Thomas Dufetel11

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