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This Week in Beard: Santas Split Ends, Register Your Facial follicles, Beards for Boobies and More….


Real or fake beards? Santas Split Hairs

In the community of men who portray Santa Claus, there is a longstanding disagreement over the best way to embody the big man. You might call it the Great Beard Debate.

It is a discussion that happens away from the public, for part of the ethic of portraying Santa is to never pull back the curtain. But at Santa Claus schools and conventions, the topic is said to incite great passion and inflame egos, with each side willing to agree on just one thing: the other side has it wrong. When it comes to real or fake, there are very real stakes. READ MORE


beard-3-1210Beardski masks fend off the cold while boasting long, luxuriant beards, like the Viking, the Pirate and Prospector


A group of Dallas poker buddies came up with the idea of masks made from fleece and neoprene to keep your entire face below the eyes and neck safe from the elements. The flowing beards are just the hairy icing on the cake.

You don’t have to ski to wear a Beardski. You just have want to keep really warm. The face masks use fleece and neoprene to keep your entire face below the eyes and neck safe from the elements. The beards are just the hairy icing on the cake.

The whiskers come in different colors, lengths or textures, depending on who you want to emulate. The Beardski Pirate has a long, luxurious black beard. The Beardski Viking has long white whiskers that would seen at home on a long ship with Sven Forkbeard.  Michael Hasbany of Beardski told the News that he isn’t a skiier but wears his Beardski when he goes hunting.  Hasbany, who sells data storage hardware and specialized software in Dallas, started the company with a group of his  poker buddies. READ MORE

Battle of the BeardsLiving Walls @ Basel, Miami Thursday

The Masquerade played host to the Battle of the Beards where dozens of contestants showed off their beards, mustaches, and everything in between to a panel of judges. Among the various categories were Best Groomed, Best Partial Beard, and Best Lady Beard. During breaks in the action the crowd was entertained by the Packway Handle Band and “America’s Got Talent” contestants Captain & Maybelle. More photos from Battle of the Beards


Winners of Beard and Stache Fest 2012. Courtesy of The World is Fun.
Winners of Beard and Stache Fest 2012. Courtesy of The World is Fun.

Register your facial follicles for Beard and Stache Fest ’13 now

Gentlemen, it’s time again to register those facial follicles to help Seattle’s foster kids; Beard and Stache Fest 2013 is upon us. The fifth annual fundraiser from Ballard-based nonprofit The World is Fun raises money for another local nonprofit, Treehouse, by pasting pictures of your beards and moustaches onto donation tins placed around the city.

And not only is this a great opportunity to help foster kids, but it’s your chance to get your facial hair photographed by the same guy who’s photographed Adrian Petersen, Anthony Hopkins, Dwight Howard and Omar from “The Wire,” among others.

Online registration is now open for the 2013 Beard and Stache Fest. And, neighborhood businesses King’s Hardware, Brouwer’s, The Noble Fir and The Backdoor already have teams going. Once you’ve registered, start crafting your beard and/or moustache. The World is Fun will be hosting a kick-off picture party Jan. 27 at the High Dive in Fremont where celebrity-and-athlete photographerOlugbenro will take pictures of your face. After that, your tin will be placed at locations around the city to collect donations in March. Awards will be given at the end of the month to the teams and individuals with the most donations, 100 percent of which go to Treehouse. VIA

Beards for Boobies

IOWA CITY (CBS 2/ FOX 28)—Corey Collins and his friends have been trying to grow beards for a while.“I’ve been

Click to watch video
Click to watch video

growing this thing for three months, and this is the most that it’s gotten to,” said Corey Collins, a University of Iowa junior. A friendly facial hair competition between friends quickly grew into an opportunity to shed light on a more serious problem.”We turned that contest into an idea, ‘Hey lets raise awareness for breast cancer,’” Collins said. It’s been a year since they formed “Beards for Boobies”– the playful nickname the UI juniors gave their breast cancer awareness campaign.Something that hits home for 20-year-old Collins who lost his mother last year to breast cancer. “That inspired us to just get this going and remembering all those who had that same type of fight my mom did,” Collins said.So every November they try to grow beards and raise money selling t-shirts, wristbands, and through donations.

Alpine Beard Competition: Victor wins by a Hair


Things got pretty hairy in Chur, Switzerland, where more than 60 men went chin-to-chin to see who has the best beard.Its all part of the Alpine Beard Competition, now in its 26th year, where contestants from Austria, Bavaria and Switzerland compete to see who has the most genuine, natural grown beard.The competition gets pretty hairy. There are some beards that would make Gandalf the wizard, Merlin the magician and all three members of ZZ Top walk away humiliated.The victorious beard-wearer sometimes wins by only a hair, but there are other sub-categories to jolly old St. Nick walk away in shame.Dont win the top prize? Well, there are 14 other sub-categories, according to the Daily Mail, including goatee, sideburns freestyle, Hungarian mustache and imperial partial beard competitions.Of particular note is the freestyle section, where contestants raise the beard bar through hairspray, wax and rollers, such as this year’s winner, German hairdresser Elmar Weisser, 47, who transformed his whiskers into a Norwegian flag and a moose.But while there are nominal prizes to the best beards, the real joy of winning is the chance for these Alpine beard buffs to tell their competition, Yodel-lay-hee-in-you-face. VIA

Rappelling Santa gets beard tangled, stuck for half hour

British Army soldier caught mid-air by his beard for over 30 minutes.

Getting Scruffy at the Beard and Mustache Competition

On December 8th, The Gotham City Beard Alliance hosted their third annual New York City Beard and Mustache Competition. The best beards, staches, goats, and Van Dykes gathered at The Warsaw in Brooklyn to find out whose facial scruff was the tops. It was for a good cause, too, with all proceeds going to the local NYC MS Society chapter.

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