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This Week in Beard: NHL Playoff Beard Watch, Beard’s Floral, Figuring Jesus, Bearded Woman Assaults Officer’s Genitals

All The Seneca Crane Beard Memes You Could Hope For

his weekend marks The Hunger Games’ third week as number one at the box office. While most would argue an intense fan base, a well developed heroine, and some impressive action shots are what makes the struggles of the tributes so popular, I would argue at least some of it is due to Seneca’s beard. I mean, just look at it!


5 questions with Matthew Dover of Beard’s Floral

Matthew Dover was studying graphic design and sculpture at Wichita State University when he was exposed to the floral design business and a few international designers through a part-time job delivering flowers. He always imagined himself as an entrepreneur with a small business, and now that’s what he has with Beards Floral Design, which he named after his signature full beard.

Figuring Jesus: with beard and robe—or bald and smart?

For centuries Jesus has been depicted wearing a long beard and a white robe. During the musical event The Passion, aired by Dutch television on Thursday, Jesus appeared with his head shaved and wearing jeans. Has Jesus, two millennia on, finally shed his traditional image?

How the historic Jesus looked like no one knows for sure. The Bible is silent on both his hairdo and his manner of dress. The oldest surviving depictions of Jesus date to the second or third century of the Common Era. Nearly all of them show Him as a young man with a beard and long curly hair. The image has hardly changed since then.

Things get hairy on South African billboard

We can now officially do anything just by sitting in front of a computer — including making some giant dude’s beard grow on a billboard halfway around the world. Safe to say the Internet has now achieved its potential, yes?

Angry Beard: Facial fuzz fights back

This time it is not angry birds, but an Angry Beard that meets its match on our screens, as it comes face-to-face with hair-trimming supplies on a dining table. A four-minute stop-motion video shows the battle between a pile of hair coming from a bearded man in his kitchen and an army of a shaving foam, razors, scissors and a facial brush.

SNL Backstage: Zach Shaves His Beard

Bearded woman found guilty of assaulting officer’s genitals

A jury today took 20 minutes to convict a woman, who wears a beard and lives as a man, of assaulting a Spokane Police officer in 2009. Joseph Ali Bin Muhammad – formerly Paula K. Reynolds-Eblacas — represented himself in the trial after Superior Court Judge Kathleen O’Connor last month ruled that he was competent to stand trial despite objections from the prosecution.

Movie review: ‘Bad Ass’ has rough time extending ‘Epic Beard Man’

‘Bad Ass,’ starring Danny Trejo, is based on the viral video ‘Epic Beard Man.’ It can’t be taken too seriously, and doesn’t seem to want to be. Has it come to this? The film “Bad Ass” is based on a February 2010 viral video that came to be known as “Epic Beard Man” in which an older white man got into a fist fight with a younger African American man on an Oakland bus over a misunderstanding that may have had racial overtones. It was a bit confusing, definitely crazy and maybe kind of cool.

Jayson Werth’s beard grows online following

WASHINGTON – Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth’s long and storied facial hair history is about as popular as his batting average. Now, Werth’s infamous beard has its own Twitter account and Facebook page. “Jayson Werth’s Beard” has 5,682 followers on Twitter as of Friday, April 13. It made its season debut at the Nats home-opener the day before.


 NHL Playoff Beard Watch: Puck Daddy’s guide to 2012 Stanley Cup scruff

While some beards are just divine and represent all that is good and wonderful about facial hair (we’re looking at you, Patrick Sharp), there are some that, well, are just in a league all their own.

So with that, we thought it was time for our NHL Playoff Beard Guide to get you up to speed with the different sorts of follicle finery that you may see during the playoffs.