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This Week in Beard: Hugh Jackman, Sacha Baron Cohen, ‘Angry Beards,’ Virgin America Puts a Beard On It, Beards in Film History

Prosecutors charge 4 more in Ohio Amish beard-cutting attacks 

COLUMBUS, Ohio –  Federal prosecutors on Wednesday charged an additional four women with being involved in beard-cutting attacks on fellow Amish in Ohio, and added new allegations that suspects tried to hide or destroy evidence including a bag of hair from the victims. The updated indictment filed in federal court in Cleveland also charges alleged ringleader Sam Mullet Jr. with lying to federal agents during their investigation by denying knowledge of an October assault.

Virgin America launches jet sporting beard, Giants logo

SAN FRANCISCO — A Virgin America jet has been decked out with the San Francisco Giants logo and a Brian Wilson beard as a nod to the facial hair-friendly hometown team, the company announced this week.

The plane’s nose sports the beard, with the team’s logo on the fuselage of the the Airbus A320 aircraft. which has been dubbed “Fly Bye Baby.” The jet will launch into service on April 2, according to Virgin America.

“As the only airline headquartered in San Francisco, we’re thrilled to renew and expand our partnership with our hometown team,” David Cush, president and CEO of Virgin America said Thursday at a media event with Giants officials

The Best, Most Bizarre Beards in Film History

If you were one of the many people who saw The Hunger Gamesthis past weekend, you know the character Seneca Crane. Well, OK, if you didn’t read the book you might not recall his name. He’s that guy with the awesome beard. Now you know exactly who we’re talking about, don’t you? Because that beard was so awesome. Seriously, it’s very rare that you see the kind of facial hair that can steal scenes like that. We don’t even remember what he was doing in most of those scenes because… beard. Beard.

Inaugural beard, mustache contest gets growing in Folsom

Handlebar, horseshoe, pencil and the goatees can only mean one thing, it’s time to celebrate the beard and moustache culture.

The first Northern California Beard and Moustache competition will be from 5 to 9 p.m. on Saturday, March 31 at Powerhouse Pub, 614 Sutter St., Folsom. A Pub Crawl meet and greet will take place Friday, March 30 down Sutter Street in Folsom.The 21 and older competition costs $10 for general admission and $20 for competitors.

Live bands will perform after the competition. Ryan Scalise, 35, of Orangevale is the competition coordinator and local president of the Moustache and Beard Social Club. “A lot of people don’t know this beard and moustache community exists,” Scalise said. “But it’s a large community. There are men who have been growing their beards for years and this competition allows them to showcase their beauty.” Scalise said he personally has a handlebar mustache and has been involved with five beard and mustache competitions. The competition includes 10 different categories from natural moustache to a category for girls.

‘Angry Beard’ Tells The Tale Of Beard Vs. Razor (VIDEO)



Bring On The Beards

I recently got the lucky opportunity to meet the Florida Panthers thanks to a neighbor of mine who works for the NHL. There were only a few other people there awaiting for the players to sign autographs. Fewer people gave me an easier opportunity to ask the guys my quick question being fully aware they probably just wanted to go home.

It was a somber night after the Florida Panther game this past Friday night after suffering a brutal shootout loss to the Edmonton Oilers who are already out of the playoff race. I was surprised the players even answered my one question. I even got a few to smile at the question which was good to see after such a tough loss.

WATCH: Sacha Baron Cohen Loses His Beard in New ‘Dictator’ Trailer

Hugh Jackman in ‘Les Mis’ Pic: Still Handsome with Hobo Beard?

Hollywood has a wide assortment of wild beards, many of which have become more memorable than the actors wearing them. But no beard can overpower Hugh Jackman.

Below, Jackman appears in the first shot from the upcoming Les Miserables, sporting some scraggly facial hair as the destitute Jean Valjean. Jackman himself Tweeted the image attached to the message, “”Very excited about how the first days of filming are going!! Check out my convict look…but its changing soon.”

Real (sexy) men wear beards

That the question of a bearded prime minister even graced the pages of the Winnipeg Free Press saddened me. Like the newly elected NDP leader Thomas Mulcair, we bearded folk are among the most gentle, kind, humorous of all people on Earth. We also are the most cuddly. When my children were barely able to grasp hold of things with their little hands, my beard was lovingly grasped and with a downward pull my face was brought to theirs for many kisses and hugs — especially before bedtime.

Croydon muslim fired from Sutton Vodafone shop for having a beard

A Muslim was sacked on the first day of a new job at a phone shop because of his beard. Shahid Saleem, 21, from Croydon, has a beard for religious reasons and is now seeking legal advice after the discrimination he faced at Vodafone in Sutton High Street.

Mr Saleem turned up at the store on September 9, 2011 after being placed there by the recruitment agency, Adecco. He was taken to a room at the back of the store by the manager and told he could not work there because he had a beard.

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