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This Week in Beard: Beard Judgers, Epic Beard Man Trailer 2, Shia LaBeouf, Ryan Gosling & Best Beards in Music


From the ferocious world of heavy metal to the Southern rock cats with that blues influence all the way to the puzzling UK hip hop scene, behold my choices for the best beards in music today.





VIDEO: Kevin Love And Nikola Pekovic Are Beard Judgers

Beards probably aren’t the most stylish thing one can wear right now, but Minnesota Timberwolves forwards Nikola Pekovic and Kevin Love are both sporting some gnarly facial hair this season. It’s been deemed so gnarly, apparently, that they’re now good enough to judge beard contests.

The Wolves had fans send in pictures of their beard for the chance to win four tickets to an upcoming game in Minnesota with the winner being the man with the best beard. Pekovic and Love, along with a dude from the Minneapolis Beard and Mustache Club, were the judges.

Shia LaBeouf: Bearded Coffee Break

Going about his daily routine, Shia LaBeouf opted for a caffeinated boost in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon (March 8).

The “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” stud looked a bit rough around the edges, sporting a bushy beard, slicked back ponytail and a woodsy cardigan sweater as he moved quickly past a swarm of shutterbugs.

Ryan Gosling Proves New Beard Study Is Bogus

When the Daily Mail reported the latest in scientific research this morning — the finding that women don’t find beards attractive — my immediate response was skepticism. It’s not that I am a big facial-hair fan (in general, I am not), but a conclusion based on a few hundred women evaluating 19 men with and without beards just didn’t seem worth that much attention. It took only a few hours before my decision to disregard this study was validated: Buzzfeed pulled together a special post in honor of International Women’s Day with what turned out to be evidence. Women don’t like men with beards? Oh, really?

Danny Trejo’s Epic Beard Man Rampage Continues In Second Trailer For Bad Ass

If you live under a rock like I do, then perhaps this is the first time you’ve heard of the “Epic Beard Man” meme and its origins. The Youtube video of an altercation between a 67 year-old white man and a 40-something black man on a bus, which culminates in the older man punching the younger man several times in the face, has scored nearly 5,700,000 hits and become an internet meme.


The Portuguese Tiago Venancio, centre, has grown a beard to make it harder for himself while training in the water. Sarah Dea / The National

Dubai-based swimmer grows a beard for Olympic training

DUBAI // Given his ambivalence to cold water, it might be deduced that Tiago Venancio had grown his lengthy beard to keep himself warm ahead of this week’s trip to London.


David De Gea Vows to Keep Beard Until Team Wins

London, Mar 10 (ANI): David De Gea has declared he will keep his beard until either Manchester United or the Spanishteam wins big. The Man U keeper gave some hair-raising performances early in the current campaign, though he has been razor-sharp of late. “The beard pleases both me and my girlfriend. I want to keep it until United win the Premier League or Spain’s team wins the Olympics,” the Sun quoted him as saying.  In January 2012, De Gea was confirmed as hyperopic although this is not thought to have affected his performances for United. It has been reported that he will have corrective eye surgery in the summer of 2012. (ANI)



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